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ENRH: Becoming a state-of-the-art teaching hospital

November 2, 2023

GHS official lauds ENRH for milestones in just five years

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Western Regional Hospital - Effia Nkwanta

With over 50 years of practice, we have gained the trust and confidence of clients in and beyond the region, also we are a dedicated healthcare provider focused on delivering full range quality medicaal services through the best specialist in the industry and has a track record of delivering excellent services
One of our core values as a Ghana Healthcare Service hospital is client/community centeredness. In upholding this tenet we at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital have sought to use all available means to deepen our relationship with the communities we serve. The establishment of this website is one such effort.
Joseph Kojo Tambil Joseph Kojo Tambil

We envisage that this website will open us up to the outside world, enhance internal information flow as well as help establish collaborations with other organizations… Read more