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ENRH begins deliberations on evacuation and relocation of services to pave way for redevelopment

Management of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital has began deliberations with staff on the evacuation and relocation of services to pave way for the proposed redevelopment of the Hospital.

In order to solve some of the operational challenges during the construction period, the Ministry of Health and the project engineers from Amandi Investments Limited have agreed to enable ENRH to use the maternity and theater blocks throughout the project duration.

In a presentation to Heads of Department and Units at the Hospital Conference Center, the Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Joseph Kojo Tambil highlighted on some of the challenges to be expected in the evacuation and relocation of some of the services in a manner that will ensure service continuity whilst giving full right of way for the construction activities.

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MD Dr J.K. Tambil Presenting project brief

He noted that relocation and evacuation of some of the services may lead to overcrowding of some of the areas, movement of some heavy duty equipment, closure of some of the Units, cut down in number of staff and construction of temporary structures.

He added that there would be a series of engagements to ensure a smooth relocation and evacuation.

After giving a brief of the project Dr Tambil called for suggestions and inputs from Heads of Units and Departments present at the meeting.

Head of Surgery at ENRH, Dr Tawiah Siameh noted that areas identified for the relocation of some of the services should be quickly worked on to ensure smooth operations during the construction phase. He also suggested an ambulance station be considered in the new development. Additionally, access routes be properly planned to ensure that transportation of construction materials does not disrupt service delivery.

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Orthopaedic Specialist Head of Surgery, ENRH Dr Tawiah Siameh

ENRH Estates Manager Zakari Sumaila noted the proposed redevelopment is comprehensive including renovation of existing structures that will not be demolished. He suggested a special committee be put together to further consider the evacuation and relocation of services ahead of the proposed demolition.

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Zakari Sumaila Head of Estates, ENRH

Medical Director hinted of another stakeholder engagement focusing specifically on ENRH on April 15th. He assured staff that all their suggestions will be taken into consideration when the evacuation plan is being drawn by the Hospital Management.