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ENRH staff take bold steps towards improving welfare

The ENRH Conference Center was filled to capacity on 2nd February 2023 at around 10:30AM when members of staff converged to discuss important issues regarding the Hospital Welfare Association.

This first quarter staff durbar had been set aside to mainly discuss hospital welfare issues. All category of staff were present and the 200 seater conference center was left with no extra seat empty.

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In his opening remarks, the Medical Director of the facility Dr Joseph Kojo Tambil commended staff for the massive attendance as well as timeliness in response to the meeting. He outlined the major areas which he thought should be focused on for the year 2023 key among them is acquisition of a staff welfare bus and revamping the operations of the staff welfare canteen.

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Presenting his report, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Welfare Association Pharm Samuel Owusu aka Pharm SKOT, emphasized that their ambitions are in line with those outlined by the Medical Director. He however highlighted the financial bottlenecks due to the meager contributions by members.

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Medical Director moved a motion for the increase of the monthly welfare dues from GHS 10 to GHS 30. A vote was taken and 60% of the staff present were in support of the motion.

The Medical Director thanked staff for their cooperation and pledged that management will stringently police the welfare funds and ensure that they are utilized for their intended purposes.

He announced the appointment of an electoral committee which will see to the elections of new executive members of the association as the tenure of the current executive committee has expired. He also encouraged members to put themselves up for positions to help drive the Association to a brighter future.  The members of the electoral committee are: Mrs. Doris Teiko Acquaye, Mr. Fredrick Mireku, Ms. Barbara Koomson, Dr Mathew Ekow Mbir Mbeah and Mr. Stephen Kumah.

Below are some contributors at the meeting.

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